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Wear A Hat Day
Brain Tumour Research - wear a hat day

Brain Tumour Research (BTR) is the only national charity in the UK that is dedicated to raising funds for continuous and sustainable scientific research into brain tumours. Scientists at dedicated Brain Tumour Research Centres of Excellence work tirelessly to gain a deeper understanding of brain tumours to get closer to a cure.

Brain Tumour Research has been a recipient of monetary donations from Lock & Co. Hatters for many years and our staff are committed to raising money through additional fundraising events. Each year we fundraise through our Wear a Hat Day event which this year is on Friday, March 31st.


The scientists who lead the Brain Tumour Research Centres of Excellence are proud to be the stars of this year’s Brain Tumour Research Wear A Hat Day campaign.



Professor Silvia Marino leads the pioneering team at the Queen Mary University of London Centre of Excellence researching glioblastoma (GBM) – the most common type of primary high-grade brain tumour in adults and the deadliest.


Professor Oliver Hanemann heads up the University of Plymouth Centre of Excellence, where the team is making ground-breaking progress in its research into low-grade tumours including meningioma – the most common form of adult brain tumours – schwannoma and ependymoma.


Mr Kevin O’Neill’s team is exploring ways to develop new tools, techniques, and procedures in order to continually improve and optimise the complex science of neurosurgery.

Dr Nelofer Syed’s team at the Imperial Research Centre is scrutinising many aspects of brain tumour biology, including how tumour cells get their energy, drug repurposing, and how artificial intelligence can help provide greater insights into personalised treatments and ketogenic diet research.


 Featured:  Imperial Leads Dr. Matt Williams, Mr. Kevin O'Neill & Dr. Nel Syed.


This year Lock & Co. are honoured to have worked with the wonderful pupils and teachers of Blakesley CE Primary School for Wear A Hat Day. Each pupil learned from members of the team at Lock’s about the history of hats and how they are made, and then had the opportunity to design, make and trim their own hats, using their own imagination and inspiration! 

 A selection of the fabulous creations by the pupils of Blakesley were displayed in the shop at Lock & Co., 6 St. James’s Street. 

Wear A Hat Day seeks to raise much needed funds for the Brain Tumour Research charity.

Brain Tumour Research Panama Hat


A summer sartorial staple, the Brain Tumour Research Panama is a timeless piece. This classic style bears all the hallmarks of Lock & Co. - quality, style, longevity, and craftsmanship.

 A percentage of the profits gained from the sale of each of these Panamas will be donated to the Brain Tumour Research charity in support of their dedication to working towards finding a cure.



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