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GUIDE TO The Fairbanks Collection

GUIDE TO The Fairbanks Collection

The Fairbanks is the ideal hat for anyone, and it epitomises what Lock & Co. Hatters stands for: quality, style, longevity, and craftsmanship. The hat is perfectly proportioned - the brim is not too wide; the crown is not too high - so it will fit practically anyone well, making it an ideal style if you are looking for your first hat.

Along with the beautifully designed style, the hats are made of various superior materials. Whether you're looking for a felt trilby for chilly weather or a
Panama for warmer weather, our Fairbanks collection has a suitable hat for your style and needs.


How to measure my head size?

Take a tape measure and measure around your head, just above your ears, in either inches or centimetres. All of our hats and caps come sized and you can choose which sizing scale you wish to use. On our website, we’ve set the default to European sizing which is centimetres. For more information on sizing click here.

Would I be able to get my initials put on my hat's leather sweatband?

Yes. We can use our heated monogramming machine to personalise leather sweatbands with a maximum of four initials. Please be aware that monogramming makes a hat non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

What makes a trilby a trilby?

Trilbies are short-brimmed hats that are generally worn turned up at the back and down at the front, and are usually positioned either straight or slightly backward on the head.


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