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The Sixty - Men's Bakerboy Caps - Lock & Co. Hatters London UK
The Sixty - Men's Bakerboy Caps - Lock & Co. Hatters London UK
The Sixty

GUIDE TO Men's Bakerboy Caps

GUIDE TO Men's Bakerboy Caps

The bakerboy cap, also known as the ‘newsboy’ or ‘gatsby’, is a hat style with humble origins that, like so many sartorial emblems, was later adopted and popularised by the aristocracy.  Most people today associate bakerboy caps with the television series Peaky Blinders and those seeking an informal yet statement piece. Fuller in body than a flat cap, a bakerboy hat is constructed by sewing together 6 or 8 panels of cloth and is finished with a button on top. In true Peaky Blinders fashion, a blade would have been concealed within the peak of a bakerboy cap, but today, we prefer to finish ours with a malleable piece of stiffened plastic!

Our Master Hatter’s Recommendation: Wear it just above the eyebrows and style it at an angle or level.


How would one clean their cashmere bakerboy cap?

Use a hard bristle hat brush and the steam from a household kettle to gently remove any dust or dirt from your cashmere hat. Drying a cashmere hat would entail shaking off any water and leaving it at room temperature.

What is the difference between a bakerboy and a newsboy cap?

The newsboy cap is a slimmer version of the bakerboy cap. Perfect for those who like the shape of a bakerboy but prefer a less full cap.

How to wear a bakerboy cap?

Our recommendation is to wear it just above the eyebrows, and style it at an angle or level, whichever suits you best.

Do the same sizing rules apply to caps as they do to fedoras or trilbies?

We suggest going up a size for flat caps. Keep in mind that the peak of a flat cap should be 'easy' and the overall fit snug on the back of your head.


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