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Hang Your Hat at Brown’s Hotel and Get Ready for Ascot with Lock & Co. Hatters

Lock & Co. Hatters is pleased to announce that it will partner with Brown’s Hotel, a Rocco Forte Hotel in Mayfair, and launch a series of seasonal offerings in May, ahead of the British summer social season. Together, these two prestigious, family-run institutions are conjuring up a series of experiences that are fit for royalty and mark the launch of Lock & Co.'s Spring/Summer '24 Couture collection.

Brown’s Hotel and Lock & Co. Hatters, both revered for their centuries-old legacies, have played host to illustrious figures ranging from Queen Elizabeth II to literary icons. Did you know that the young Princess Elizabeth graced Brown’s Hotel as a guest at a delightful regimental tea party and that the skilled artisans at Lock & Co. had the honour of fitting her majestic coronation crown? As a dedicated patron of Royal Ascot and its races, Queen Elizabeth’s love for vibrant headpieces was legendary. In homage to her majestic flair and with Royal Ascot just around the corner, Brown’s has pulled it out of the hat and created an Afternoon Tea extravaganza bursting with hat-themed delights that we have no doubt her late Majesty herself would have enjoyed. Inspired by royal tea parties and elegant gatherings where ladies donned their finest attire, each of the Couture hats are a work of art in themselves and have been meticulously designed by Awon Golding, Head Millinery Designer, on the top floor of the shop at 6 St James’s Street.

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In turn, guests are invited to dress for the occasion and savour sweet and savoury treats in Brown’s oak-paneled Drawing Room, which will be filled to the brim with the pastel and floral hat pieces, such as the Rose Bud Leather Percher Hat and the Lady Grey Black Wide Brim Hat. The limited-edition Afternoon Tea menu will feature tea-infused and delicate hat-shaped cakes, choux buns, and scones served, silver service style, from one of Lock & Co’s iconic hat boxes. With all of the hats named after different types of tea, guests are sure to delight in choosing from the 26 varieties of tea on the menu. The ‘Haute Couture Afternoon Tea with Lock & Co. Hatters’ is priced from £75 per person and will be served between 6th May - 31st August 2024. For reservations please

To ensure guests of Brown’s are primed and ready to do nothing but dazzle at every summer occasion, Lock & Co. Hatters' skilled milliners have agreed to craft guests’ custom-made hats in the drop of a hat; just half the time it usually takes during their busiest season. Meanwhile, The Drawing Room will be filled to the brim with Lock & Co.'s Spring/Summer '24 Couture collection and serve an Afternoon Tea extravaganza bursting with hat-themed delights. With this in mind, guests are invited to don their most extravagant hats, dust off their finest attire, and get ready to indulge in the magic of Brown’s this season like never before, where every moment is infused with glamour, frivolity, and a dash of enchantment.

By Royal Appointment: Lock & Co. will be offering a one-to-one styling experience like no other. Lock & Co.’s Hatters and Stylists will help Brown’s guests find the perfect hat to complement their style and outfit. The hat styling will take place at Lock & Co.  No.6 St James’s. St exclusively for Brown’s guests, we will offer a fast-tracked, customisation and fitting service, ensuring that guests have their perfect hat in time for any event, such as Royal Ascot. No visit to Lock & Co. is complete without a trip to their Heritage Room which is brimming with stories
of its illustrious patrons, from princesses to statesmen.

The ‘Haute Couture Afternoon Tea with Lock & Co. Hatters’ is priced from £75 per person and will be served between 6th May - 31st August 2024. For reservations please


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