Crafting a Perfect Hard Hat Fitting
for Bowler Hats and Top Hats

In the history of hat styles, few hats evoke as much of a sense of timelessness and luxury as our rounded Coke (or Bowler hat) and iconic Top hat. For either of these “hard hats”, we advise making an appointment to have your head measured with a conformateur as you will undoubtedly benefit from having the hat fitted by a skilled hatter. The perfect hard hat fitting involves a meticulous process, where the conformateur plays a pivotal role in achieving the ideal fit.

What is The Conformateur in Hat Making:

The Conformateur is a head-measuring device invented by Mr Allié-Maillard in France in the 1850s. It remains an essential tool in the crafting of hard hat fitting and top hat sizing, ensuring each hat is not only perfectly stylish but also perfectly fitted and perfectly comfortable. Lock & Co. offers appointments for a free professional head measurement using a conformateur.

Head Measurement:

The conformateur takes precise measurements of the customer's head. This includes the circumference, height, and other dimensions necessary for creating a hat that sits perfectly on the wearer's head.

The Measurement Process:

Initial Consultation:

The process begins with a skilled hat maker conducting an initial consultation with the customer. This involves discussions about style preferences and any specific design elements the customer requires.

Conformateur Application:

Using a conformateur, one of our skilled hatters will measure the shape of your head: As the levers and shaped crown adapt to the contours, the conformateur generates a detailed paper or cardboard template. This template captures the unique shape of the head, allowing for a
customised fit.


Skilled hatters use the conformateur-derived measurements to shape the bowler hat or top hat accordingly. In the crafting process, hatters use a series of centuries-old hatting techniques - molding, blocking, and sewing - to bring to life a “hard hat” that is truly tailored to your specifications.

Benefits of Hard Hat Fitting and Top Hat Sizing:

Custom Fit:

Bowler hats and top hats crafted with these precise hard hat fitting measurements offer a bespoke fit, ensuring that the hat sits comfortably on the wearer's head without slipping or feeling too tight.

Attention to Detail:

The precision afforded by the conformateur ensures that the hatter meticulously crafts every detail perfectly, from the crown's height to the brim's curve.

Elegance and Style:

The Conformateur allows for the creation of bowler hats and top hats with a refined and elegant silhouette, capturing the distinctive style that has made these hats iconic.

If you are looking to purchase a "hard hat" (Cokes, Bowlers, or Top Hats), then a hard hat fitting or top hat sizing will ensure the perfect fit. Visit the Lock's shop in London for a complimentary one-on-one appointment to professionally measure your head using the conformateur.

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