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    How To Wear a Flat Cap

    The trusty flat cap is quintessentially British and pre-dates even Lock & Co. Hatters. In fact, it was once compulsory to wear a flat cap on Sundays as part of English law to help boost the fledgling wool industry. However today, the flat cap is less about necessity and more about practicality and style.
    How to wear a flat cap
    So just what is a flat cap? Constructed from one piece of cloth, typically wool, tweed or cotton, a flat cap is a rounded cap that has a stiffened yet malleable peak. Lock & Co. specialises in offering a vast selection of flat caps in all manner of styles and fabrics, all year round – from supple yet hardy leather to cooling linen, through to exclusive Escorial wooland luxurious cashmere. 
    Now how should a flat cap be worn? If you do not already know your head measurement, take a soft tape measure, and place it around your head, 2cm above the ears and across the middle of the forehead. The number you get (whether it be in cm or inches) will be the size of the flat cap you require. Flat caps are designed to be worn centrally on the  head and not cocked to the side. A good fitting flat cap will mean the cap hugs the back of the head nicely and does not feel too loose elsewhere. If in doubt about what size flat cap to take in a certain style, just pick up the phone to speak with one of our hatters who will be able to advise.
    Heard the one about moulding your peak by leaving it overnight in a pint glass? Folklore. Flat cap peaks can easily be manipulated by hand to give a more rounded silhouette. But take care when rounding your peak as they can weaken over time and become less rigid. 
    For those seeking a more personal touch, Lock & Co.offers an exclusive bespoke cap service where the wearer can customise an existing Lock & Co. style of cap in his or her own fabric. This is extremely popular if the wearer has had a bespoke suit made elsewhere and wishes to have a matching cap, or maybe a cap made in the family tweed. To find out more about this service please call the shop and ask to speak with our Hatsmith. 
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