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GUIDE TO Lock Couture by Awon Golding

GUIDE TO Lock Couture by Awon Golding

Each piece in the Lock & Co. Couture collection is handcrafted by our talented milliners here at No. 6 St James's Street. Comprised of two seasonal collections, these beautiful one-off designs are handcrafted using traditional millinery techniques and truly intersect both fashion and art.

“It is an absolute honour to be heading up the millinery department at Lock & Co. Hatters. The brand is an incredible British heritage brand synonymous with quality and craftsmanship...I have reached back into the archives and breathed new life into classic Lock & Co. shapes, whilst also adding my own modern aesthetic to the collections. It’s a synergy I’m very excited to share with the world."

- Awon Golding, Head Millinery Designer


Do you make your couture hats in-house?

Yes, each and every one of our Lock Couture hats has been crafted by hand by our milliners above the shop on St James's Street.

Would I be able to try on couture hats in a fitting room to see if they match the outfit I am looking to pair them with?

Yes, you can try couture hats on in the fitting room in the shop. Alternatively, please bring a photo of the outfit with you to help you decide.

How would you define a pillbox hat?

A pillbox hat would be defined as a small, brimless, round hat with straight upright sides and a flat crown.

Would I need to book an appointment for a couture hat fitting for Ascot?

No, but please make sure to arrive at the shop at least an hour before closing for a fitting. If you need to come into the shop a particular time, please contact us to let us know so that we can make sure that a hatter or stylist is aware of when you are due to come in.

How do I make sure that my couture hat stays in position on my head?

Typically, we fit our couture headpieces with combs and/or hair elastics, which come in a range of tonal colours to suit different hair colours, depending on the style of the chosen hat.

How do I position the elastic of my couture hat so that it stays in place?

To ensure that your couture hat stays in place, wear the elastic at the back of your head behind your ears and not under your chin.

Would I be allowed to return a couture piece if it doesn't work for me?

Couture hats that have been made to order or are not in the same condition as when they were purchased may not be returned. If they are in good condition and are not customised, you may return them if you feel that the hat does not suit your needs.


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