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Top tips on buying hats for bigger heads: Find the best style, comfort, and fit at Lock & Co.

Finding the perfect hat can be a challenge for anyone, but for those needing a larger size the feeling can often be that it can be difficult to find a hat in ‘my size’. At Lock & Co. we have almost 350-years of experience hatting all sizes and shapes of head, and we are confident, that with plenty of stock in large and extra-large sizes, we can help you find the perfect hat style and hat size for you. If you are wondering about hats for people with big heads – then read on to find everything you need to know for buying hats in larger sizes.

What hat shape is best for people with larger heads?

This is a great question and Lock & Co.’s experienced hatters and stylists have the answer: for larger sizes, the secret is to find a hat or cap where the proportions fit you well. Style and fit are key to finding a hat or cap that you feel comfortable and confident wearing.

Here's your comprehensive Lock & Co. guide to choosing hats that fit well in a larger size.

Additional Considerations:

  • Hat Styles: Different hat styles may fit differently, even with the same measurements. For example, a baseball cap will have a more snug fit than a slouchy beret. Read our tips from our Hatters for individual hat styles.
  • If you're between sizes, generally, opt for the larger size, as you can always add padding or adjust the fit with inserts.
  • Consider the hat material. Some materials are more stretchy than others, so factor this into your decision.

Understanding Hat Sizes

First, let’s look at hat sizing. Most hats are sized by circumference, measured in inches or centimetres. For those with larger heads, a size XL or even XXL might be the size to hat you well, and Lock & Co. stocks both sizes, so you always have plenty of choice to find your perfect hat style.

 If you are not sure what hat Size you are, here’s a quick guide on how to measure your hat size or you can watch our video here:

Use a flexible tape measure. Place the tape measure round your head positioned mid-forehead and just above the ears.

Take note of the measurements in centimetres or inches.

Note the measurement and use our hat sizing chart to find your hat size.

 Common hat sizes for larger heads range from 23¼ inches
(59 cm) to 25⅝ inches (65 cm).


Hat Styles That Work Well With Bigger Heads.

The key is to find a hat style where the proportions fit you well – wide-brims and deeper crowns look perfect and overall sizing is paramount - not too tight and not slipping off. Here are some of our hatters and stylists’ suggestions:

Tips for Finding the Perfect Hat for a Larger Head.

Look for adjustable features: Velcro straps and buckles can make a noticeable difference in fit and comfort.

Material matters: opt for hats with flexible materials that can conform to your head shape without feeling tight.

If possible, visit our shop at No. 6 St James’s Street and try our hats on in-store to ensure a good fit. If shopping online, you can make a virtual appointment with a hatter or stylist and shop with confidence knowing that you are covered by our return policy.

Fedora Hats in Larger Sizes

For dapper silhouettes and classically crafted proportions, a fedora is an excellent choice. We offer a range of styles and felts to find the perfect sophisticated look for you.

 Key Features:

  • Wide brim for proportional balance
  • Available in extended sizes

Panama Hats and Sun Hat Styles for Bigger Heads

For warm weather days, Panama hats and sun hats offer protection and style. Wide-brimmed Panamas and sun hats can look great and provide ample shade from the sun.

 Our range in larger sizes includes The Fairbanks Mocha Panama. The Fairbanks style is perfectly proportioned – the brim is not too wide; the crown is not too high – and so it fits well and suits most people in the larger sizes.

 Key Features:

  • Wide brim for sun protection
  • Lightweight, luxurious and breathable materials

Luxurious Baseball Caps for Larger Heads

Baseball caps are a versatile option that you can wear with casual attire. Our Lock & Co. baseball caps come in one size with an adjustable strap or buckle, providing flexibility in the fit or the other baseball cap styles go up to an XL or XXL size.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable back strap or buckle.
  • Extra-large sizes.


Beanies are perfect for colder weather. All our beanies are made of cashmere making them feel lightweight and snug. A beanie should fit your head shape without feeling tight.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious warm cashmere that stretches for a comfortable fit

Ready to Shop

Lock & Co. hats and caps are more than just an accessory; they are a personal investment in you and a head piece to treasure, full of craft, quality, and heritage. With so many options available, at the home of hats we know there is a perfect hat style for you.

Finding the right hat when you have a larger head doesn’t have to be a struggle. With expert help, knowledge and a bit of patience, you can find a luxurious Lock & Co hat or cap that fits comfortably and perfectly reflects your mood, style or the occasion. Whether it’s a casual baseball cap, a stylish fedora, a cosy beanie, or a protective sun hat or Panama, the right hat will make all the difference.

 Visit our shop where our friendly and knowledgeable hatters and stylists are ready to welcome you or enjoy our online shopping experience.

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