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Whatever the season and wherever you may be travelling with our rollable, packable collection of men’s and women’s hats, you can master the art of packing and save space in your suitcase for travel at home or abroad. We have a range of hats for men and women, and this guide helps you to understand how to select the perfect stylish, travel-friendly hat.

Rollable Panamas & Straw Hats

Ideal for warm and hot weather, our range of luxurious, lightweight, and durable rollable Panamas and sun hats are crafted from the finest woven straw and offer protection from the sun. Each hat can be rolled and stowed in a tube, allowing you to carry it with you on your travels.   

The Rollable Panama is already a sartorial summer staple. However, if you are looking for the ultimate luxury, choose our Rollable Montecristi Panama, crafted from the finest toquilla palm straw, with a feel as smooth and supple and soft as silk. The women's St Ives Rollable Panama offers effortless elegance, while the stylish Lucille Straw Sun Hat is a summer essential. With its tall crown and wide-brim silhouette, the handwoven Lucille perfectly complements feminine dresses and swimsuits.

Our Pack’n’go hat is a best seller. Its unique collapsible design and stylish elegance make it a perfect summer accessory.

This customer favourite is made from lightweight straw and collapses easily, allowing you to take it anywhere.

Bucket Hats & Sun Hats

Packable and rollable hats come in various shapes, including our luxurious, elegant, and relaxed bucket hats. With its traditional silhouette, a bucket hat is an ideal accessory and comes in a range of colours to make a perfect match for your outfit. You can choose your favourite from our Rye Striped Bucket Hat, Rye Speckled Bucket Hat, and Rye Puppytooth Bucket Hat.

If you are looking for something more versatile, Lock & Co. has the classic, wide-brimmed, flattering Capri Rollable Hat, both practical and indispensable for your summer wardrobe. Our Brigitte Silk Sun Hat and Clemence Silk Sun Hat offer a lightweight and cool wide-brimmed hat for your warm weather travels.

Rollable & Packable Hats for the Colder Weather

Lock & Co. has a range of rollable and packable hats that suit all seasons. Nothing is more dashing and stylish for wintry weather than one of our rollable trilbies. Our women’s Cheltenham Rollable Trilby is the perfect hat for an effortlessly elegant look and can be rolled up and stored in your bag. The Voyager Rollable Trilby is crafted from a super soft felt and features a shorter brim classically proportioned for a trilby. The Rambler Rollable Trilby and the Nomad Rollable Trilby are ideal for those seeking something smart for the great outdoors.

The practical, cosy, and stylish women’s Gwen packable cloche is an ideal choice if you are heading for a weekend away or out on a weekend stroll. And for men, our Grouse tweed bucket hat has both style and substance. Our luxurious Escorial wool bucket hat is warm, comfortable, lightweight, and durable, making it perfect for casual days. And for the sporty and active look, choose our Folding Wax baseball cap designed to fit snugly inside a pocket or golf bag. This shower-proof cap features a folding peak and a soft crown.

Each Lock & Co. rollable or packable hat comes with acanvas tube  for easy and safe storage, travel, and protection.


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