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At Lock & Co. Hatters we are delighted to offer our customers made to measure services for tweed caps and Lock Couture as well as a personalisation service for our hats.

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For customers wishing to purchase a made to measure service, we offer our customers the opportunity to order some of our Lock Couture styles in additional colour options or customisations, as well as the Gill and Turnberry flat caps and the Sandwich bakerboy cap in a tweed of your choice.

Please note: We need to see the tweed beforehand to determine if it is suitable, as some tweeds may be too light or heavy, or the pattern may not be easily matched.

Prices and timing will be confirmed at the initial consultation.


  • 1. Book a Consultation
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    Please book an appointment for an in-store or video consultation with one of our Hatters or Stylists. For more information on booking appointments/consultations, please see the our Contact Us page on our website.

  • 2. Measure
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    Meet your hatter or stylist either in-shop or online when your dedicated hatter or stylist will take the time to listen to and understand your exact needs.

    During an in-store consultation, your dedicated hatter or stylist will measure your head on-site.

    If you have booked a video consultation, please see our hat-sizing information at and follow the steps outlined in the video to calculate your hat size. Otherwise our hatter or stylist will be happy to guide you through the steps.

  • 3. Personalisation
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    Lock & Co. also offers the following options to personalise your made to measure hat:

    Band and Bow:
    We have a small selection of single and multi-coloured bands and bows that we can attach to your hat. If you would like a band of your choice on your hat, you are welcome to provide us with your own band which will then be fitted by one of our milliners.

    For an extra special touch, we can personalise leather sweatbands with up to four initials using a heated monogramming machine.

    Please note that a monogrammed hat is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

  • 4. Production
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    Once the design and/or details are confirmed, we discuss and confirm timings with you. We will then start making the hat and/or personalise it as required.

  • 5. Delivered in 8 Weeks
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    We ask customers to please allow 8 weeks before we can deliver made to measure hats.

  • 6. Inherited Repairs
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    For repairs you have inherited, please make a consultation appointment with one of our hatters to discuss your needs, either on-site or via video. Please note that we will probably need to see the piece in question before committing.

    For details about the repair services that we offer, please see on our current website.


For a one-to-one session with one of our hatters or stylists, book an appointment to come into the shop to discuss your needs or, alternatively, book a video appointment.


Whether it's for your Royal Ascot outfit or to accompany your general winter wardrobe, we are here to cater to your headwear-related needs.

  • Races
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    We are always delighted to sit down with customers to discuss what they are looking for in a hat to match their Races outfits. Perhaps having tried a few on, you’ve fallen in love with our Sonora Headband, but your Royal Ascot dress is green, or you love how our Mayfair Pillbox sits on your head, but none of the colours that it’s currently available in suit your hair colour. Simply let us know exactly what it is you are looking for, and we can go through your options.

  • Everyday
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    We'd love to help you personalise your tweed cap so that it feels unmistakeably you. We can make to order the following hats in a customer's own tweed:

    • Our Gill tweed flat cap
    • Our Turnberry tweed flat cap
    • Our Sandwich tweed bakerboy cap

    Please note: We would need to see the tweed beforehand to determine if it is suitable to be used; sometimes they can be too light or too heavy, or sometimes the pattern cannot be matched.

    We do not currently have a selection of tweeds for customers to choose from.

  • Night Event
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    Tell us about the exciting night you have planned and let us help you complete your outfit and turn heads with a personalised couture piece. If you show us your outfit, we can discuss what we can do to conjure up the sort of headwear piece you are hoping to accompany it with. After having a look around the women's floor and trying on some of our available couture styles, we can talk about what changes you want to make to which hats and then make a plan to produce the perfect hat to go with your evening attire.

  • Longevity
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    At Lock & Co. we value quality over quantity and this carries over to any made to measure hats we have the privilege of being asked to produce. If you are going to set about having a personalised cap or couture hat made just for you, then it goes without saying that finding a company that promises to produce a hat that will last is one of your non-negotiable requirements. High quality and durability are part of the made to measure package we offer here at Locks, so book an appointment with us to discuss your needs and we will do our very best to cater to them.


As the oldest hat shop in the world, at Lock & Co. we take pride in the fact that we have a rich and eventful history behind our shop.

See our Heritage


As the oldest hat shop in the world, at Lock & Co. we take pride in the fact that we have a rich and eventful history behind our shop.

See our Heritage