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GUIDE TO Men's Trilbies and Porkpies

GUIDE TO Men's Trilbies and Porkpies

A trilby is a style of hat with a short brim that is customarily turned up at the back and down at the front. A trilby is typically worn on the head either straight or slightly backward. The porkpie hat, with its telescopic, tapered crown and distinctively small silhouette, was made popular by Jazz musicians like Lester Young. Many of the most iconic jazz musicians were fans of the porkpie hat.


Which hat did James Bond wear?

In Dr. No and From Russia with Love, Sean Connery's James Bond is known for sporting the Sandown, a trim, snap-brim trilby.

What are my options with regards to the possibility of having my leather sweatband personalised with my initials?

Yes. We can monogram your hat's leather sweatband with up to four initials, but this would mean that you can no longer return or exchange it.

What makes a trilby a trilby?

Trilbies are short-brimmed hats that are generally worn turned up at the back and down at the front, and are usually positioned either straight or slightly backward on the head.

What makes a porkpie hat a porkpie hat?

Made popular by various iconic jazz musicians like Lester Young, a porkpie hat would typically feature a telescopic, tapered crown and a very small silhouette.

How do I style the brim of my hat?

Brims are classically styled flipped down at the front and curled up at the back. Having said that, all of our brimmed felt hats can be worn with their brims up or down, back and front, so see which suits you best. Brimmed hats can also be worn on the back of the head, but if you do this, make sure to size down.


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