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Few accessories hold the allure and timeless elegance of the iconic top hat. What sets Lock & Co. apart is that we offer the ultimate top hat experience. No other hat shop holds almost 350 years of history or the unparalleled expertise of Lock & Co. This year, for your Royal Ascot silk top hat experience, there is only one place to come – No. 6 St James's Street, the ‘Home of Hats’.

The black silk top hat is the pinnacle of a gentleman's formal wardrobe and de rigueur for Royal Ascot. Lock & Co.'s antique silk top hats are the finest out there. We hand-select our curated collection of the top 10% available worldwide, and all the silk top hats are kept at our shop, ready to try at any time – no appointment necessary. Our collection of silk top hats is unmatched.

Buying a silk top hat from Lock & Co. is not just about making a purchase; it is about an unrivalled top hat experience and a lifetime of care for your top hat. Whether you are buying for the first time or are a seasoned aficionado, our hatters will welcome you into our unique shop that offers a bespoke and personal service like no other. Welcome to a shop full of a limitless passion for hats and faultless knowledge and expertise.

When you enter our shop, one of our skilled hatters will be on hand to greet you and ensure that over the course of the next 15-30 minutes you buy the perfect top hat for you.

An initial consultation will discuss your style preferences and identify any specific design elements you require. When buying a top hat, we can assure you that one size does not fit all, and our top-class personal service means that you will leave with a top hat to treasure over a lifetime.

The finished masterpiece is a testament to the dedication of our master hatters to provide you with the perfect top hat.

The experience takes around 30 minutes, and with multiple hats in every size, Lock & Co. will help you find your perfect silk top hat. In a time of fast paced and constant change, there is something inherently comforting about the tradition of buying a top hat from Lock & Co. where our expertise, craft, and heritage date back to 1676.

Every Lock & Co. silk top hat purchased is carefully and expertly hand-prepared before being placed in a complimentary Lock & Co. hatbox for you to carry out through our famous green front door at No. 6 St James's Street.

This year, enjoy the ultimate top hat experience at Lock & Co. Our commitment to hat quality is trusted and respected and comes with a lifetime of care with us - everything you would expect from the world's oldest hat shop.


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