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GUIDE TO Pillbox Hats for Women

GUIDE TO Pillbox Hats for Women

This exclusive couture collection of pillbox hats for women features eye-catching pieces bursting with colour, florals, and silhouettes inspired by the unique phenomenon of the desert bloom, reinterpreting this style in a fresh and playful way. The selection also includes the iconic 1960s elegance epitomised by the white pillbox hat worn by Jackie Kennedy at her husband's inauguration, as well as a classic version for our wedding collection. All pieces are handcrafted to create the perfect couture piece for your spring or summer social occasions.

What is a Pillbox Hat?

A pillbox hat is a classic style that consists of a small, brimless round hat with straight, upright sides and a flat crown. The pillbox hat is a versatile style that, depending on the shape and size of the hat, can be worn pinned or placed at different angles, complementing almost any style of dress, from formal and glamorous to informal and minimalist.

Mayfair Pillbox Hat
Leopard Mayfair Pillbox Hat
Mayfair Red Pillbox Hat
Mayfair Navy Pillbox Hat
Cottesmore Pillbox
Brita Pillbox
Ophelia Pillbox
Hermione Hat


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