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Chauffeurs Cap

Adorning the heads of white-gloved chauffeurs since the early 1900s.

Our Chauffeurs authentic caps are crafted from grey wool cloth and finished with neat, black patent-leather trims.

Chauffeurs Cap
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  • Peak Length: 5 cm
  • Crown Height: 9.5 cm

Steam from a household kettle and a hard bristle hat brush will help banish any dust and dirt from a wool hat. Brush the hat using short strokes.

Dry this hat by shaking off the water and leaving it at room temperature.


Our authentic caps are crafted from grey wool cloth, are fully lined, and are finished with neat black patent-leather trims and leather sweatbands.

Styling & Fitting

The function of this hat is in the name. This hat should be worn straight on the head with its peak slanting downwards.

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Men's Hat Styling

Every Lock & Co. hat purchased is carefully and expertly hand-prepared in our London shop by one of our Hatters, before being whisked out of our famous green front door.

To find your perfect hat size, we suggest booking a virtual appointment for a consultation with one of our hatters here.


At Lock & Co., we sell the finest hats and caps. To achieve this, we pay particular attention to specific hat characteristics - style, fit, durability, and materials. We share these characteristics with you for each hat to help you decide on the perfect choice.

Find Your Size and Style

At Lock & Co. we offer a wide selection of styles of hats. What defines a hat style is its form: overall shape, height/shape of the crown, width of the brim, and material type. These define a style e.g., Fedora, Trilby, Panama, Cloche, Tweed cap etc.
Wool Cloth
Lock & Co. hats are made of the finest quality material. These can range from exclusive Escorial wool, Scottish Tweed, and cashmere to Toquilla straw for our Panama hat.