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Silk Top Hat

The black silk top hat is the pinnacle of a gentleman's formal wardrobe and de rigeur for Royal Ascot. 

Lock & Co.'s antique silk top hats are the finest out there.  We hand-select our curated collection of the top 10% available worldwide, and all the silk top hats are kept at our shop, ready to try at any time – no appointment necessary. Our collection of silk top hats is unmatched.



The measurements of our silk top hats differ from piece to piece.


Your silk top hat comes with a polishing pad and brush as well as a Lock & co. hat box so you can keep your hat looking as perfect as the day of purchase.

After each use, simply brush with our velvet polishing pad that comes free with each Lock &Co. silk top hat (also available separately here).

Alternatively, bring your Lock top hat to us for a complimentary polish whilst you wait. For our full list of restoration services, Read More.

Always store top hats in a hat box, away from direct sunlight.

Polishing Instructions:

Silk top hats have a directional nap - the short fibres extend above the surface of the fabric - which is designed to be polished.

Using a soft bristle hat brush, smooth the nap lightly in an anticlockwise direction. Follow by spraying a fine mist of fresh water over the top hat and then use a damp velvet polishing pad to bring up the hat’s lustre.


Lovingly restored in our atelier, our toppers are crafted from a muslin and shellac base, rare Parisian silk and finished with a silk crêpe band. The last factory to produce silk plush ended production in the late 1960s, so there are only a limited number of silk top hats left in the world today. During restoration we will fit new leather sweatband.

Styling & Fitting

At the heart of fitting a top hat lies the art of measurement. Applying a centuries-old practice, one of our skilled hatters will measure the shape of your head using a conformateur, which generates a detailed template capturing the unique shape of your head.

Using traditional methods, our skilled hatters use your measurements from the conformateur to shape your top hat accordingly. Our hatters use centuries-old hatting techniques - molding, blocking, steaming, and polishing to bring to life a top hat that is truly tailored to your specifications.

Top hats crafted with these precise measurements offer a bespoke fit, ensuring that the hat sits comfortably on your head without slipping or feeling too tight.

How to measure your hat size. Read More

Hat Size Chart

Men's Hat Styling

Every Lock & Co. hat purchased is carefully and expertly hand-prepared in our London shop by one of our Hatters, before being whisked out of our famous green front door.

To find your perfect hat size, we suggest booking a virtual appointment for a consultation with one of our hatters here.


At Lock & Co., we sell the finest hats and caps. To achieve this, we pay particular attention to specific hat characteristics - style, fit, durability, and materials. We share these characteristics with you for each hat to help you decide on the perfect choice.

Find Your Size and Style

Top Hat
At Lock & Co. we offer a wide selection of styles of hats. What defines a hat style is its form: overall shape, height/shape of the crown, width of the brim, and material type. These define a style e.g., Fedora, Trilby, Panama, Cloche, Tweed cap etc.
Parisian Silk
Lock & Co. hats are made of the finest quality material. These can range from exclusive Escorial wool, Scottish Tweed, and cashmere to Toquilla straw for our Panama hat.
Vintage Upcycled
Every part of a hat has its purpose. Discover the features or aesthetic of each hat and how it will specifically enhance your hat-wearing experience.