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    The Berkeley flat cap made of Escorial wool has a sleeker cut. Designed to fit closer to the head for a streamlined silhouette. 

    Lock & Co. is delighted to be collaborating with Escorial to bring you this exclusive range of new and innovative products.  Escorial is a rare and luxurious wool that can only be found in small quantities in Australia and New Zealand today. The Escorial fibre is similar to a curled spring, and when stretched during the manufacturing process, its natural memory returns it to its original curled state. This is what distinguishes Escorial hats as lightweight and resilient.

    The measurements are based on a size EU59 cm flat cap:

    • Peak length: 5 cm.
    • Diameter: 21 cm.

    This cap is fully lined.


    Steam from a household kettle and a hard bristle hat brush will help banish any dust and dirt from tweed or cashmere. Brush the hat using short strokes. Dry a tweed or cashmere cap or hat by shaking off the water and leave at room temperature.

    To ensure that you choose the perfect hat size, use our easy measuring-tape technique to get it just right.

    1. USE a soft tape measure.

    2. PLACE it around your head, positioned mid-forehead and just above the ears.

    3. MEASURE in centimetres or inches.

    4. FIND your size on the hat size chart.

    You can find our instructional video on how to measure your hat size here: Hat sizing

    mens hat care

    Every Lock & Co. hat purchased is carefully and expertly hand-prepared in our London shop by one of our Hatters, before being whisked out of our famous green front door.

    mens hat sizing

    Should you wish to speak to one of our Hatters please email us at shop@lockhatters.co.uk or via our contact us page – and one of our team will be in touch.