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    Tips from the Hatter: How to Wear a Fedora Hat


    A note from Maxwell, Lock's Hatsmith, on fedora hats.

    At Lock & Co., we really like a fedora hat for its timeless elegance, but how much do you know about them?



    What does a fedora hat look like? 

     Maxwell:  A fedora hat, also known as a snap-brim hat, is a type of hat that has a shallow indented crown and a pinch near the front.  It also has a round brim that is wider than the narrower-brimmed trilby hat. 

    How to wear a fedora hat?  

     Maxwell: Because of the soft brim of the fedora, it can be worn completely angled down, turned up or, most traditionally, up in the back and down in the front in the elegant and classic “wave” shape. The ability to adjust the brim to the wearer's personal preference earned it the nickname "snap brim” and the same fedora can give the wearer several different looks, depending on the occasion or outfit. 

     If you don't already know your head size, wrap a soft tape measure around your head, 2 cm above the ears, around the widest part of the back of your head, and across the middle of your forehead. The size of the fedora you require will be determined by the measurement taken (whether in centimetres or inches).    


     A well-fitting fedora will not drop onto your ears and will sit comfortably above your brow without leaving a mark or feeling tight on your head. If you're not sure what size fedora hat to get, or wish to receive advice about a particular style, call one of our hatters and they'll be happy to help. Contact us

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    Our selection of luxury fedora hats have timeless silhouettes and classically crafted proportions, allowing for plenty of choice, but the certainty of style. 


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