Autumn is the perfect time to step up your fashion game, and men’s hats are one of the most versatile and stylish accessories for your autumn/winter attire. Whether you're looking for a practical choice to keep warm or a statement piece to complete your outfit, there's a hat style for every occasion. Our collection of stylish, smart, and versatile bestselling men’s hats and caps will help you elevate your statement style. This season at Lock & Co., let us help you explore the world of men’s hats and master the art of hat-wearing. Whether you are looking for a classic fedora hat, a smart bakerboy or flat cap, a timeless trilby, an iconic Homburg, or a versatile baseball cap, the ‘home of hats’ has a perfect hat to suit you.

1. Fedora: Sophisticated, Enduring and Dapper

With stylish silhouettes and classically crafted proportions, the fedora is a timeless hat that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Its versatility allows it to be dressed up or down. In autumn, opt for a fedora in warm earthy tones like brown or olive green. Pair it with a tailored coat or a leather jacket for a smart and dapper look.

2. Flat Cap or Bakerboy Cap: For a Smart Vintage Vibe

The flat cap and bakerboy cap are a stylish choice for men who want to add a touch of vintage charm to their outfit. These caps come in a variety of fabrics, but for autumn/winter, wool or tweed is ideal. The caps pair wonderfully with a tweed blazer or a long overcoat, giving you a refined,
classic look.

Crafted from luxurious cashmere, tweed, and cooling cotton. All of our bakerboy caps & flat caps are given a twist on the classic silhouette; crowns are blocked with of-the-moment moulds and brims and peaks are given modern trims. The shape becomes sharper, and more dapper, and our exclusive fabric compositions are evermore luxurious.

3. Trilby Hats: Distinctive and Stylish

Lock & Co.'s distinctive and stylish trilbies come in a range of styles and colours, so there's one to suit everyone.

Choose from our extensive range of felt trilbies including the Fairbanks, and the luxurious Escorial wool Albany.

4. Homburg Hat: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship

Stylish silhouettes and classically crafted proportions lend panache to our collection of homburgs.

Choose from a beautifully designed collection of homburgs, all crafted from the finest felts.

5. Baseball Cap

Baseball caps have always been a staple accessory for the summer season, but they are also a stylish and practical addition to your winter look. Lock & Co. offers a range of stylish baseball caps that are specifically designed to keep you warm and add a touch of luxury to your look.

As we go through autumn and winter, it's time to embrace these trending hat styles for men. So, stay warm, stay stylish, and enjoy the beauty of autumn/winter with these luxurious hats.


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