Lock & Co. Hatters are proud to be working with the Royal School of Needlework, and together our goal is to preserve and promote British Craftmanship.

The purpose of the project was to develop experimental approaches to hand embroidery for a defined outcome, using the theme of HYBRID.

The students worked from drawings and design work after visiting Kew Gardens and developed a series of experimental textiles, which reflected their chosen subject matter.

They were asked to combine materials and techniques, which would not usually be found together, and to create experimental 3D Textile Headwear exploring the above theme.

As part of the RSN’s degree course in Hand Embroidery, the first-year students were asked to embroider a baseball cap, and to make it personal to them. The theme changes slightly each year, from hometowns, to family life, and the baseball cap designs are all hand stitched.

On November 7th we were proud to hold a special event to meet the students and celebrate the craft by displaying some of this fantastic work in our windows and throughout the shop.

Students were able to hear talks about the business, more about the partnership between RSN and Lock & Co., and from Awon Golding, Head Millinery Designer about Lock Couture. Afterwards, the students enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of our unique shop.

We are delighted to present some of the RSN students work in our windows showcasing their extraordinary talents. The hats will be on display until 26th November.

We are delighted to be working with the Royal School of Needlework, it’s a partnership that has been growing for the past two years. Both Lock & Co. and the RSN are constantly looking at ways to promote and preserve British Craftmanship, which is why here at Lock & Co. we are
showcasing the amazing skills of some of the students currently studying a BA
Hons in Embroidery. We want to inspire the students, and so we will be offering two Millinery internships in 2024 to help build the students skills and learn new ones.”


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