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    How to Clean your Panama Hat

    A summer sartorial staple, a Lock & Co. Panama hat is timeless. Each Panama is hand-woven from toquilla palm, using generations-old techniques by artisans in Ecuadorian villages. Our highest-grade Panama hat, the Superfino Montecristi, can take up to nine months to create.

    So how do you take care of your Panama?   

    Always handle your Panama hat by the brim to avoid distorting the crown.   

     Avoid wearing a Panama in the rain. Dry with a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge if it gets wet.   

     Panama hats are best stored in a hat box, away from direct sunlight.

    How to clean your Panama 

    If your Panama hat becomes dirty, use steam from a household kettle and brush gently with a pure bristle brush to help remove dust and dirt. Do not brush or rub too hard, which may damage the weave. For minor marks, use a clean pencil rubber. 

    Wide Brim Panama

    Bring your Panama to our shop, and one of our Hatters can advise on the best solution.   For sweatband stains, we can replace the sweatband for you.  

     Panama hats are available in many styles for men and women, and they are carefully selected to ensure they are the best in the world.