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Campaign for Wool

At Lock and Co. we are proud to announce that as part @campaignforwool community initiative, we have united forces with Savile Row, Clifford Street and Old Burlington Street to celebrate The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III with over a mile of bespoke wool bunting decorating our shop. Created by apprentice tailors, the bunting uses red, white and blue wool Melton fabric from AW Hainsworth, a material historically used in the iconic red military uniforms. This bunting has been used to decorate our shop and has been hung from 100% wool rope, ensuring it is entirely biodegradable and reusable.

The Campaign for Wool is King Charles's personal initiative, launched to assist wool growers throughout the commonwealth to challenge the rise of toxic synthetic fibres in the worlds of fashion and the built environment. The occasion of the Coronation, to be witnessed throughout the commonwealth and the rest of the world, will be a unique opportunity to showcase some obvious and some less-known properties of wool, something which we are thrilled to be a part of.   

As climate change and plastic overconsumption hit the headlines, wool is extremely important as one of the resources we can use to be more considerate in our choices. There are many positive benefits and natural properties of wool:  

  • Wool is biodegradable, sustainable and renewable, and the bunting is re-usable and will be used for future events  
  • The bunting is fixed with wool rope, from Sustainable Rope – the joint winner of the Innovation in Wool Award 2022  
  • Core kits for each company have been put together by Savile Row Bespoke  
  • The bunting is handmade by apprentice tailors from each participating company

The Campaign for Wool is King Charles’s personal initiative, launched to assist wool growers from throughout the Commonwealth to challenge the rise of toxic synthetic fibres in the worlds of fashion and the built environment. Over the past decade of the Campaign, the then Prince of Wales has visited numerous regions of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa to engage with wool growers on how best to explain the distinct environmental excellence and ecological benefits of wool in all its end uses. The occasion of The Coronation in Westminster Abbey, to be witnessed throughout the Commonwealth and the rest of the world, will be a unique opportunity to showcase some obvious and some less-known properties of wool.



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