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GUIDE TO Hats for Cheltenham Races

GUIDE TO Hats for Cheltenham Races

Cheltenham Festival's lack of strict dress code means that attendees are encouraged to dress in whichever way makes them feel their very best for the occasion. However, there are guidelines born out of what people tend to wear to the races for those who would like a helping hand with putting together their race day outfit.

  1. Trilbies and fedoras: These are the top picks of the hat styles for those attending Cheltenham, as they work well with country colours, the felts they are made from fare well in winter weather, and their brims provide protection from both sunshine and any unexpected rain that may occur.
  2. Bakerboy Caps and Flat Caps: Some prefer to opt for bakerboy cap or flat cap styles instead of hats to suit their personal style more, which can look great too when paired with the right outfit.
  3. Couture Hats: Couture pieces are widely worn too and tend to be of a more wintry colour palette like those we have selected for our collection here. However, for those who have decided that they would like to wear brighter colours and would therefore need a more brightly coloured couture piece to match, we have several other couture hats available in our Lock Couture by Awon Golding Collection.
The Sixty - Hats for Cheltenham Races - Lock & Co. Hatters London UK
The Sixty - Hats for Cheltenham Races - Lock & Co. Hatters London UK
The Sixty


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