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    Grey Fox - James Bond 007 hatsDavid Evans wears The Auric cap

    David Evans (aka Grey Fox)  is a menswear style blogger and good friend to Lock & Co. Originally a Lawyer, his interest in style and menswear came in later life as he quickly realised older men were being left out of the conversation. Since founding Grey Fox in 2011, David has become well known for tirelessly championing British brands, as well as inspiring men of all ages to dress with style and confidence.

    Grey Fox 007 James Bond hats

    Signature James Bond style...

    1. How did you find yourself becoming an influencer?

    I decided I had a book in me and felt that a blog would enable me to exercise my writing muscles. I've had no luck with the book idea yet, but the topic I eventually chose for the blog seems to have struck a chord and I'm really enjoying talking about men's style. It's so different and much more creative than life as a lawyer.

    1. Do you have a background in style or fashion?

    In a word, no. I used to try to dress well as a lawyer but had no real background in style or fashion. I don't feel that's been too much of a disadvantage. The vast majority of men have no such expertise so I think that I understand their interests and concerns. Fashion writers can sometimes encourage conformity - you can/can't wear this or that - I prefer to help men decide their style for themselves, arming them with the skills to decide on shape, colour, pattern and style.

    1. Do you think Instagram and blogging provides an accessible style platform for all age ranges?

    Yes, increasingly so. There are now men of all ages showing their styles on the platform and providing inspiration to all.

    1. How would you describe your style?

    Fairly classic, I'd say. Traditional tailoring, knitwear, shoes, hats and outerwear. But I like to mix these with denim and to add surprising touches with bright colour and pattern. It's all about reflecting your own style and tastes and feeling comfortable with that.

    1. What is it about British brands that you love?

    The heritage principally. So many of the brands I talk about have been around for decades, even (like Lock & Co.) for centuries. The skills, styles, shapes, materials and construction of British menswear have influenced western menswear styles around the world - something to be very proud of. But we mustn't forget that these characteristics are being adopted by many new, young British brands which will be the future of British style.

    1. Would you say you’re a ‘hat person’?

    Yes. I wear all sorts of hat, from beanies, through tweed caps to (my favourites) fedoras and trilbies. 

    1. What is your favourite hat from our Lock & Co. 007 collection?

    I love the Auric Goldfinger cap and the Bond trilby. Both are classics and look good on anyone.  

    1. How would you style the Auric Goldfinger cap hat?

    The Auric is so adaptable. Wear it, Goldfinger style, with cardigan and tweed suit, or with jeans, boots and knitwear. I'd give it a traditional edge with a Fair Isle jumper, waxed jacket, pleated tweed trousers and Veldtschoen boots.

    1. James Bond has gained the reputation of being one of the most stylish spies to grace the silver screen, what’s your favourite 007 outfit?

     Sean Connery's bespoke London-tailored grey suits are so timeless and reflect the straightforward and immaculately fitting styles described in Ian Fleming's books. Connery's glen check three-piece in Goldfinger is worn with a white shirt and plain dark tie - unbeatable style which would look just as good today.

    1. What style lessons do you think can be learnt from James Bond?

    I think the best lessons are to be learned from the original books and the earlier films. The secrets of genuine Bond style are outstanding fit and simplicity of style. The ultimate Bond look is a bespoke plain navy suit, white Sea Island cotton shirt, comfortable loafers and a dark knitted silk tie. What else would a man need. Well, a hat of course.

    Grey Fox - 007 James Bond hats

    Follow David on his blog here, Twitter here, or Instagram here.