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    Panama Hat Guide

    Nothing says summer as much as one of our quintessential Panama hats. A timeless summer sartorial staple, our range of stylish Panama hats for men and women is carefully selected to ensure they are the best in the world. Despite its name, the Panama hat originated in Ecuador, where it is known as sombrero paja toquilla


    Each Lock & Co. Panama is unique and handwoven from toquilla palm by artisans in Ecuadorian villages using generations-old techniques. The weavers work at night and in the early hours of the morning when the temperature is cooler, the humidity is at its highest, and the fibres are most flexible, starting at the apex of the crown. 

    The finished plaited, smooth, and supple material has the softness of silk, and the hats will be graded on the colour consistency, thickness, and the number of weaves per square inch. Our highest-grade Panama hats can take up to nine months to create.

    Lock & Co. Panama hats are blocked by hand using traditional methods, trimmed with fine grosgrain ribbon, and finished with a beautifully soft leather inner sweatband. For longevity and shape retention, we add silicon inside the pinch. Perfect for warm climates, our Panamas are lightweight and breathable and they feature Lock & Co.'s signature characteristics: quality, durability and craftsmanship. 

    There are two classic weaves for crafting Panama hats: 

    The Cuenca weave, which has a herringbone pattern, and the Brisa weave, which has a less intricate pattern of small diamonds/squares. 

    The Cuenca weave is a few milligrams heavier than the Brisa weave. Weavers achieve a finer weave by using a thinner strand, and the quality relies more on the consistency and skill of the weaver. These fine woven hats take much longer to produce, which is reflected in the cost.

    In our men's collection:

    The bestselling and enduring Fairbanks, the timeless Classic and the ultra-fine Ventnor, which can take up to six months to make, are a Cuenca weave, while the sand-coloured San Diego and Santa Barbara, with their teardrop-shaped crowns, are a Brisa weave. 

    The ultra-fine Cuenca weave of the Superfino Montecristi, with its intricate finish and incredibly soft silken feel, is the ideal choice for ultimate luxury. The Superfino is also available in a rollable version for easy travel. Lock & Co. also offer a bespoke Panama hat, which can be tailored to your specific requirements and can take up to nine months to craft.


    Our collection of women's Panama hats delivers a feminine finesse and is the perfect complement to your summer outfits. Whether it's the stylish Berwick, the timeless Peacehaven or the elegant Lewes with the Cuenca weave, the dashing Cassis with the Brisa weave, the wide brim Andrea, or the rollable St Ives, we have a Panama for every occasion. 


    If you need advice on making a perfect choice, come into our shop to try on the hats or make a virtual appointment with one of our stylists or hatters.

    Panama hats require special care to keep them looking perfect year after year.  

     Never pinch the crown of a Panama; be very gentle with it.  

     Panama hats are best stored in a hat box away from direct sunlight.  

     Regular steaming is highly recommended. 

    Our team of hatters can answer any questions about caring for your Panama hat.