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    Created by Lock & Co. in 1849 at the request of Edward Coke for his gamekeepers, the distinctive dome of the Coke, otherwise known as the Bowler, is truly iconic.

    This extra-firm version is best suited for outdoor use, thanks to its internal padding, sewn in to provide additional comfort while out riding.

    The extra-firm Town Coke comes with a complimentary white Lock & Co. hat box.

    The Soft Town Coke has a 4.7cm curled brim and 10cm round crown.

    The Coke hat is fully lined, with a duplex pad on the headband and finished with a 2.5cm grosgrain band.


    Steam from a household kettle and a hard bristle hat brush will help remove dust and dirt. Brush the hat using short strokes, following the natural direction of the fibre. The Town Coke should be kept away from direct heat. Wet hats should be dried using a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. Felt hats are best stored in a hat box, away from direct sunlight.

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    Every Lock & Co. hat purchased is carefully and expertly hand-prepared in our London shop by one of our Hatters, before being whisked out of our famous green front door.

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    Should you wish to speak to one of our Hatters please email us at shop@lockhatters.co.uk or via our contact us page – and one of our team will be in touch.