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    What is a Pillbox Hat?

    A pillbox hat is a classic style; a small, brimless, round hat featuring straight, upright sides and a flat crown. The pillbox hat is a versatile style that can be worn pinned or placed at different angles, depending on the shape and size of the hat, meaning it complements almost any style of dress, from formal and glamorous to informal and minimalist. 

    Pillbox hats have a long history and have been part of the bride's attire since Mediaeval times. The white pillbox hat from Lock & Co.'s wedding collection reflects this timeless tradition, including the matching veil. This style of hat became very popular from the 1930s and reached its peak in the 1950s and 1960s as part of the iconic fashion style of Jackie Kennedy, who wore a bone white pillbox hat to her husband's inauguration in 1961. The pillbox hat was also the choice of film stars such as Audrey Hepburn, who showcased the simplicity and elegance of the design, including the pillbox hat with veil combination.  

     This simplicity and elegance meant that the pillbox hat often came in solid colours and originally without embellishments. A variety of materials can be used to craft a pillbox hat including velvet, satin, wool, and silk, and at Lock & Co. we work with pedal straw braid, felt, and paribuntal straw. Today the designs are more elaborate and can be adorned with a coloured veil, a single pin, or a piece of jewellery. The plain hat shape is trimmed with a range of shapes, including floral designs.

    Discover the spring/summer pillbox hat collection for women by Awon Golding. Simple, elegant, and classic, this women's pillbox hat is the ideal companion for the races, casual wear, or a summer wedding.